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Congratulations! You've successfully registered as a Book Club Leader!

Now to invite your friends and get everyone ordering!
Members will pop your name on their order as a reference and we'll send you each months books to distribute at your monthly Club meetups!
Along with each package, you'll receive some book conversation starter cards to kick things off, and a bottle of wine to enjoy with the group as the chatting continues. 
Then each month all you have to do is organise a time & place to meet (and don't forget to post your thoughts & fun photos from the night into the Luxuread Book Club on Facebook!).
I'm excited to have you on board and can't wait to see you getting together with your friends...after all, isn't half the fun talking about the book with others??!!


You can order your first book here (just pop your own name in as Leader)
(Please note, we can only send wine with 3 or more members, so get the word out there and invite your friends!)