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Let Luxuread help you find your next favourite book.

Luxuread Book Boxes & Subscriptions

Book in some 'me time' with the perfect gift for yourself or a book-loving friend.

Just select your genre and we will ship a new release book with a beautiful treat to your door at the start of every month.

You can choose from monthly subscriptions, ready-to-ship single boxes, prepay a fixed term subscription,
or purchase a Luxuread gift voucher!

Order an ongoing subscription & get a surprise book and gift every 1, 2 or 3 months

Prepay for 1-12 months.
Start immediately, or wait for the new release surprise box, which ships on the 1st of each month

Don't want to wait for the new release box?
Our past boxes are ready to ship!

Unsure of which genre they'd like or how often they'd like a delivery?
Get them a Luxuread gift voucher!

Luxuread Kids Book Boxes

Three beautiful books tailored to your child's age and centered around a monthly theme, to encourage their love of reading.

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