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We're launching a partnership with Australia Reads

As Australia's best-loved book subscription box, with a passion for homegrown and local talent, we're super excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Australia Reads.

A not-for-profit initiative whose mission is to get more people reading more books, more often, like Luxuread, Australia Reads believes that reading is the key to a smarter, healthier, happier nation. With research showing that reading books can be a great way to improve your cognitive abilities, relax your body and lower your heart rate, and enhance how happy you are with life, Australia reads champions reading as a healthy daily habit to help improve outcomes for all Australians.

And as a book box rooted in an avid love of reading, we've decided to join forces with Australia Reads to bring you - our loyal fans and subscribers - the crème de la crème of Aussie fiction, each and every month.

Starting in October, we'll be launching a new exclusively Aussie genre, where we'll be handpicking a brilliant book by an Australian author each and every month. We'll also be hosting a live Q&A with our chosen author so that you can find out everything from what goes on behind the scenes of writing a best-selling book, to exactly what makes them tick. And if that wasn't enough, we're also launching a new blog series, where our Aussie authors will be sharing the book that shaped their reading lives.

Kicking off with the brilliant Treasure & Dirt by Chris Hammer, head over here to order your copy today, or subscribe right here.