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So...what is Luxuread, exactly??

You know when there’s something you really want to do, but you just never seem to get to it? Well, this blog is it.
We launched Luxuread last year and I’d wanted to start a blog along with our first box, however I soon became overwhelmed with how amazingly the concept was picked up by so many of you, and found that I was so busy juggling kids and monthly mailouts that a blog was not happening!
I’ve found my feet now, though, so thought it was probably time (as we approach our 1st birthday!) that I start it up!
So first things first: introductions! For those who haven’t become acquainted with me over (mainly) Instagram, I’m Katie, a mum of two, and a former nurse. 
Not long after I had my son, I was in a bookshop with my mum and said “I don’t get the time to read anymore”...but was that entirely true? After all, I finished ‘You’ on Netflix in under a week (highly recommended, yet somewhat creepy), and could while away the hours on Instagram & maybe I DID have time to read, but just didn’t prioritise it.
Was I alone in this? Surely not.
What could I do as an incentive to sit down and open a book (and maybe even finish it!)...maybe if I created an experience around it; something to really look forward to, that MADE me put that time aside.
And so Luxuread was born!
I’d curate a monthly box for busy women who love to read so they could put that phone down, relax, and reclaim some time for themselves. Since then we’ve added our Little Lux ‘book only’ option, as well as adding Crime/Thriller, Fantasy, and as of today, Romance (no Mills & Boon in sight, rest assured!!) to the repertoire!
It’s been a whirlwind year for us and we've loved watching our community grow, seeing all the unboxing videos and photos our lovely subscribers post and tag us in, and we love knowing that we're helping you get that time out you deserve!