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Our interview with 'The One' author, Kaneana May

We selected 'The One', by Kaneana May as our August Romance book, and we had so much amazing feedback that we went straight to Kaneana herself to ask some burning questions we had!
You worked in television prior to writing ‘The One’… how much were you able to draw on your experiences from that world while writing?
I studied Television Production at university and learnt about all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ elements that go into a production. I ended up specialising in writing and the script department, but it was always with great awareness (and appreciation) of all the departments that were involved. I definitely drew on this; producing, camera, lighting, audio, costume, make-up and editing when constructing the world of THE ONE. I hope readers enjoy this aspect of the novel.
What do you think has been the biggest challenge in writing ‘The One’ and getting it published?
THE ONE is the third manuscript that I’ve written, so I definitely feel like it’s been a hard slog getting published. I started going to writing courses and attending writer’s festivals in 2005. But I didn’t get into a good rhythm until I had my first baby. I joke that it took nine years, three manuscripts and three children before I finally secured myself a publishing deal!
You have some great characters in Bonnie, Penelope and Darcy… if ‘The One’ was turned into a film, who would you imagine playing these leading ladies? Do you have anyone in mind for Ty?
I would absolutely love to see THE ONE on the screen. Do you know any producers?
Even though I have really clear images of what the characters are in my head, I purposely haven’t ‘cast’ them. Working in television taught me to be open to casting suggestions. I’d love to hear who some of your subscribers imagined characters to be while reading THE ONE. 
Jayne Kingsley (@jaynekingsleyauthor) has done some beautiful sketches of the three women, which I just adore (which I’ve attached). Is this how you imagined the characters?
Kaneana May The One Luxuread  Kaneana May The One | Luxuread  Kaneana May The One | Luxuread
Which novels would you say have had the biggest impact on you, both in your life and as an author?
Ann Martin’s ‘The Babysitters Club’ had me fall in love with books from a very young age. I have been a reader since devouring these books as a child.
I’ve always loved books about friendships and romance. I loved ‘Sweet Valley High’, ‘Dolly Fiction’ as a teenager and have gone on to love the same sorts of stories as a woman.
One of my all-time favourite books is ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. I love the whole concept of this book; time jumping from the same date of one year to the next for twenty years. (And the book is so much better than the movie!)
This year, a few of my favourites have been Meg Bignell’s ‘The Sparkle Pages’, Sally Hepworth’s ‘The Mother-in-law’ and Josie Silver’s ‘One Day in December’.
What are you currently reading?
I’m currently reading Penelope Janu’s ‘On the same Page’… and have a huge pile of books to read next to my bed.
Be sure to follow me on Facebook ‘Kaneana May Writer’ or Instagram @kaneanamaywriter to see all the books I’m reading.
What can we expect from you next?
I’ve recently finished my next manuscript, ‘The Lavender House’ and it is currently with my publisher. It’s a story about friendship, love, grief and healing. Keep your fingers crossed for some good news as I don’t have a deal for this one yet.
Thanks so much for your time, Kaneana!
We can't wait for the inevitable signing of 'The Lavender House'!