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By now all our lovely subscribers should have received their March box, so here's a reveal of the books we hope you'll be racing through in the coming weeks.

From a beautiful tale set in Paris that revolves around the unending power of books to a debut thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, here are the books you can expect to find in your March Luxuread boxes.

Why We Love The Paris Library

Weaving between two different time periods, The Paris Library starts in 1939 Paris and follows the lives of Odile, a librarian and Lily, a high school student. A wonderful fusion of  well researched fact and captivating fiction, The Paris Library focuses on the experience of the established American Library in Paris amidst the background of the Nazi occupation during WW2. A beautifully written tale about the importance of books, the power of literature and the merit of libraries The Paris library is a must-read for anyone with an unending love of books.

Why We Love The Legacy of Douglas Grant

A thoroughly researched and fascinating biography, The Legacy of Douglas Grant is John Ramsland’s twentieth book, and is a must-read for anyone with a vetted interest in history. Insightful, informative and engaging, The Legacy of Douglas Grant is yet further proof of Ramsland’s prowess as a writer, a researcher and a teller of true stories.

Why We Love Shiver

 A nail-biting debut full of twists and turns, Shiver is an unputdownable thriller that will leave you wanting more. With a frosty French Alps backdrop, an intriguing cast of characters and a pacy plot that delivers a white knuckle ride for readers far and wide, Shiver is a unique and original tale that will no doubt generate a legion of loyal fans for former professional snowboarder Allie Reynolds.

Why We Love The Stranger Times

A captivating read that will have you hooked from the very first page, The Stranger Times fuses fantasy with thriller with a healthy dose of supernatural and suspense. A skillful writer, C K McDonnell has created a cast of realistic yet flawed characters and an engaging and pacey plot that sit perfectly alongside a perfect portion of humour. A brilliant debut from this former stand-up comedian, The Stranger Times will delight fantasy fiction fans far and wide.

Why We Love I Give it a Year 

A well thought-out and relatable read, I Give it a Year tells the tale of Iris, who finds out her husband Adam has been having an affair. At first, she can’t bear to be in the same room as him, but for the sake of their marriage, children and the future they had planned together, they agree to ‘give it a year’. A poignant  story about a marriage in trouble, which explores both the reasons for it and the fall out from it, in I Give it a Year, Whitaker takes serious themes of grief, unstable families and illness and pairs them with wonderful writing and empathetic characters to deliver a lighthearted and touching  tale that romance readers will love.

Why We Love Kim and Jim

Fans of true crime and the cold war will love this captivating story that follows the lives of master-spy Philby and CIA boss Angleton. An account of their friendship, their careers and the breakdown of their relationship, Kim and Jim is an enticing read that offers an insight into treachery, espionage and double-dealing. 

Why We Love Love in English

A story about language and belonging, Love in English is a thought-provoking story about finding your voice. Loosely based on the author’s own experiences of moving to an English speaking country, Love in English follows Ana, a 16 year old girl who has just moved from Argentina to New Jersey and has to navigate the waters of high school, friendship, and love in a different country. A touching and sweet tale that explores themes of learning a new language, immigration, love, and friendship, anyone with a penchant for YA will love this heartwarming novel.