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Introducing historical fiction and business books

After huge demand from both Luxuread subscribers and bookish fans alike, we're thrilled to be adding historical fiction and business books to our Luxuread offering.

Two very different genres, but ones that have proved popular with readers across Australia, we couldn't be happier to be kicking off the new genres with signed books from two of the best in the business: Lisa Messenger and Kelly Rimmer.

Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, side-hustles and anyone who's dreamt about leaving behind the 9-5 in pursuit of something more fulfilling, the books we pick for the business genre will help you on your quest for a more effective and satisfying work/life balance. 

Meanwhile, our historical fiction genre offers those with a penchant for literary escapism, the chance to journey back in time through the pages of a book.

We wanted to launch the new genres with an extra special treat for our subscribers, so both Lisa Messenger and Kelly Rimmer will be signing the books before we send them out to you.

And if you'd like to add one of these genres to your current subscription for just $24.95, please do email