Inspiration for my own little Street Library

Inspiration for my own little Street Library

May 30, 2019

I recently visited my friend Louise from @louiseowensreads and since leaving her house I can't stop thinking about her gorgeous little street library she has out the front of her home. I loved it! I mean, I'd always seen them on Pinterest and Instagram, but (strangely enough) I hadn't ever considered the possibility of having one at my house!
So, here are some cute and quirky libraries I found on my search for a design to bring to life (probably with a significant amount of help from my husband and father-in-law!)
This pretty pink library by @nestingwithgrace is my front-runner. It's just so cute, especially when you look up close and see the detail in it (it even has a little light and wallpaper inside!)
 Luxuread Pretty Pink Free Street Library Books
Luxuread Pretty Pink Street Library Free Books
As a mum of two young kids, I love the idea of this two-in-one street library, right down to the different heights tailored to the audience!
Luxuread Free Street Library Books Adults and Kids
This Disney "Up" library by Rachel's Book Nook warms my heart. I love watching this movie with my daughter (although if I'm being completely honest, I really struggle to watch the first 10 minutes! I'm an emotional mess since I had kids!), so although I'm leaning toward a more traditional street library for our place, there's the distinct possibility I may end up trying to convince my father-in-law that this is the one he has to make for me!
Luxuread Pixar Up House Street Library
How cute is this! The little windows and awnings are the finishing touches on this little library spotted in Harbor Springs, Michigan, and it definitely makes my shortlist.
Luxuread traditional house street free library books
I really like the idea of having a succulent planter street library, however my thumb is not green in the slightest, and I'm not sure how my plants I do have have survived. While succulents may be hardy, I think I may be best to stick with the artificial variety if I go with this design!
Luxuread Free Book Street Library Succulent Planter
Last but not least, I just had to include this London phone box street library. It's not one that I would actually install, but I still LOVE it! 
Luxuread London Free Street Library Books
 So, which one would you recommend I go with?? 

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