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Before I Saw You Book Club Questions

Romance subscribers during February received the sparkling debut from Emily Houghton, Before I Saw You. A poignant and moving novel about two patients who fall in love as they recover from traumatic injuries in the same hospital ward, all without seeing each other, it had us hooked at Luxuread.
And if you're a budding book-clubber looking for some book club questions to spark discussion and get the conversation started, we've done the hard work for you! All you need now is the tipple of your choice and a group of fellow bookworms for our favourite sort of literary get together.
  1. Loss of your limb or burns to half of your body? In your thoughts, which of the two would be the hardest injury to bear? And which would you choose to live with if you had to pick one and why?
  2. Alfie develops strong relationships with the others on his ward while mentally moving further away from the friends from his old life who continue to visit him as he recovers. Why do you believe Alfie makes such a strong connection with his fellow patients? Why does Alice instead choose to shut everyone out? What do these two very different reactions say about their personalities before their respective accidents?
  3. Workaholic and people pleaser. Which description applies to which character? And what are the pros and cons of each of these personality traits?
  4. Alice’s lack of connection with others would, by some, be contributed to the lack of love shown to her by her mother. Do you think growing up without love and affection turned Alice into the person she is? How?
  5. The strongest connections Alice has in her life are with her found family rather than her biological one. Does Alfie have his own found family? Or does his biological family the key people in his life?
  6. In a way, Alfie’s true rehab begins when he leaves hospital and realised that the most work he needs to do is on his mind rather than his leg. Do you think this would surprise most people? Why?
  7. “Our scars are simply the marks of our stories. They show we’ve lived our life, and most of all that we have survived it. Don’t hide your story away in the shadows.” Was it surprising that it was an older character that uttered this line to Alice? Do you think society accepts scars as stories or are we much more likely to judge things at face value? What do we risk missing out on by judging people on a first glance?
  8. Could you fall in love with someone without knowing what they looked like? Did you hold your breath in the moment that Alfie was to see Alice for the first time?