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Pick up a mystery bargain box with a book and a gift from our back catalogue of incredible titles and brands. 

Simply select your genre and VOILA! 
(Worried about a double-up? Pick a genre that you wouldn't normally read, and step out of your reading comfort zone!)

Get in super early for Christmas, pick up a birthday or graduation gift, or simply treat yourself or a friend...who can say no to a great book??!!

What's in a Luxuread book box?

Each box is carefully curated, and contains:

- A new release book in your preferred genre
- A pampering gift from an Australian small business
- A T2 teabag to help kick off the first couple of chapters
- An original design bookmark
- An information card about why we chose the book and gift, along with space to rate your read, take notes, and mark your favourite quotes.

All our prices are inclusive of standard shipping costs, Australia-wide.

Make picking your next book easy with a Luxuread book subscription

Some of our recent Luxuread book picks...

We curate our book box selections across 10 genres, so you get the book most suited to your tastes, while also breaking you out of your reading comfort zone. Click through to our book lover's paradise to add some new titles to your bookshelf!