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What people are saying about luxuread

I can guarantee that you will not regret signing up to a luxuread subscription! This whole concept is amazing. The box itself looks great only to be opened up to reveal stunning contents. A surprise book to read along with a great range of products to help you enjoy your reading to the max. Could not be happier.


Just received one of these fabulous boxes as a gift. The presentation is fabulous... now to find the time to indulge myself in reading the novel while eating the chocolate in the bath with the bath product! A truly delightful gift to give or receive


I just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks for creating Luxuread! Intagrams very accurate algorithms lead me to a sponsored ad of yours that had me imagining receiving one of your boxes! I love giving themed presents with little bits and pieces to hopefully I decided to send them as birthday gifts, one to one of my closest childhood friends and the other to my foster sister-in-law and then I finally decided.. Why not, I'll treat myself, too! The amount of delight that these boxes have brought have been amazing! From loads of ❤❤❤❤❤ to "best gift I've ever been given!!!! " ...the night before I got these messages I had the pleasure of opening my first box and I was so incredibly delighted and really felt excited at what the girls were about to open let alone me looking forward to enjoying every little piece and the new read in the box which is divinely packaged along with a menu-like note of what I'm about to be treated to! 😱 This seriously is an amazing concept, totally affordable gift or indulgence and is bringing out my inner Oprah where I just want to buy one for every person in my life that could do with a surprise!!! 😂 Well done and thank you so much for creating this beauty of a business! 🙌


Well this box basically does it all, from a great book, a lovely treat and a little beauty. It is a really lovely well thought out box! I bought it initially as a one off but I think it is now a monthly must. It is so nice to get something in the mail and the whole package really makes you smile :)


The perfect gift

Get well soon, happy birthday, whatever the occasion, a luxuread delivery will fit the bill perfectly!

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